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The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice

The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice is an agency of the Irish Jesuit Province, dedicated to undertaking social analysis and theological reflection in relation to issues of social justice, including housing and homelessness, penal policy, environmental justice, and economic ethics. Established in 1978 by a small group of Jesuits living and working in Ballymun, on the northside of Dublin city, the Centre was intended to promote social justice and critically examine issues of structural injustice and poverty. The original focus was on researching and commenting on the high level of poverty, unemployment and poor access to jobs and training in Ireland at that time. Staff within the Centre also provided support to local community groups, for example in the area of strategic planning. As the years went by, the social challenges facing Ireland changed, and so too did the Centre. Theological Ethics in a Neoliberal Age is an effort to consider the economic ethics of Ireland in a time of prosperity few could have imagined in the 1970s.